Student Fiction


by Milascynt Burton Pure darkness scatters my brain This uncharted love wraps my heart Mind and soul, Separated like magic I’m trapped. Nowhere to run.


by Tyanna Ware Things in life get hard so we blame society, We look for the problem all around us. But there’s one thing we can’t seem to grasp, The problem is us.

Cab Driver

by Neeko Bolos In his rearview mirror the cab driver saw a broken man in his backseat. He washed up in his cab like some unexpected rainstorm that wasn’t backing down when it hit. He was wearing a suit, all…

Monosyllabic Couplets

A Rainbow Shirt That Hippies Love To Wear Tie Dye by Bailie Wagner When Something is on Sale I Buy by Aurora Eyre Dominance Over Prominence Pin Win by Austin Miller Cause and Effect Meth. Death. by Brittannie Hunt A…