Should the school day start later?

Should the school day start later?

by Kelsey Conger
Staff Reporter

Maybe letting the students sleep in would help with the grade point averages, and help with lowering the number of car accidents that happen due to being too tired. Lots of people say they can go to bed earlier and still wake up tired due to just how early it is. However, being able to get a little bit more sleep and being able to have more time to get ready may help the way you function. Your brain does not fully wake up till around 10 AM. Teenage brains actually start to function two hours after adults’ brains do. Neuroscientists say teens are biologically predisposed to go to sleep around midnight and not feel fully awake and engaged until between 9AM and 10 AM.  Students’ grades are going down hill throughout the year, because they can’t stay up in classes and they can’t focus on the subject they are studying.

Starting the day later will not only satisfy students needs but it will help the students be able to focus better on school and be able to get their work done quicker. They will not be too tired to do the work. Kids this age stay up late, due to working jobs to be able to pay for things they wanna buy outside of school, even maybe to pay bills, students are also doing endless amounts of homework, and studying for big tests coming up. They need to be able to have a full amount of sleep to be able to keep good grades and get good scores on tests.

By starting the school day later, that might mean students and teachers would have to stay at school later, but is it worth it? To have good grades, to be more prepared, to feel better about how the day will go? I think staying an extra hour is so worth all of these things, because being successful should be a very top priority.

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