Working During School

by Makena Reischauer
Staff Reporter

As his six o’clock alarm went off, Tyler Scherbal reached over to the nightstand and shut it off. He gets out of bed and begins getting ready. Once he arrives at Layton High School that day, it all begins. By the end of the day he has two papers and an assignment that will all have to be done that night. Finally school is over and he can go home and relax, or so you thought. He runs home and grabs his karate gear and heads for practice. That lasts for about an hour or so. By this time, it’s around 4. Now he heads to work for a 4:30 to 9:30 shift. Finally, he’s done at work and can head home. He grabs some dinner and begins his homework since this is the first time he’s had a free moment all day. All the work is done and he can head to bed. However, he hasn’t had any time to relax and wind down yet so he turns on a movie. At around midnight he closes his eyes and falls asleep.


For many high school students this is a typical day. Teens these days have got so much on their plate: getting ready for college, driving, SAT’s, and hundreds of other things they have to think about. There is already a growing rate of students that say they are stressed out almost everyday. This is just typical when your growing up though. You have stressors on a daily basis that you can’t get away from. However, as teens sometimes there is more than needed. For thousands of years, there has been a question about whether or not teens should have to work. Times have changed and there are a lot more things that we need to think about now instead of it just being the normal thing that teens do. For example, what about the kids like Scherbal who have karate practice or other after school activities to go to after school?


Another thing we have to take into consideration is if the student decides to work on their own. Everyone gets that feeling of wanting money to pay for the things they want but should it take priority over your studies? Whatever the reason is for getting a job, each of us should look at the effect it’s having. Graduating is the thing that will get you a good job but if a job is getting in the way now, what will eventually happen?  For Scherbal, he chooses to work so that he can pay for things like going out with his friends, and doing the things he wants to do. He says “ I work so that I can, you know, pay for the things I want.” He also says “ sometimes I love it and sometimes I don’t.” So is it really worth all of his time and effort for a little bit of money that he will end up having to work for after high school? Scherbal is completely stressed out and tired but he has a system that sort of works.

For Scherbal, working has become a great thing in his life that can allow him to buy the things he wants and do the things he wants. A lot of students feel this way. It’s when your tired and had a long day or even week that working becomes strenuous. High school life can be really rough for some people and easy for others. For Ambrielle Powers, it has its ups and downs, “It’s hard having to go to school 6 hours a day, then coming home to more homework, and then barely having enough time to relax before having other responsibilities to take care of.”

A lot of us think that getting a job will help us grow up and prepare for the future better. While this is true, we also have to think about if it’s forcing children to grow up faster than they need to. Having a job can be a wonderful thing though. The biggest benefit being that you now might have some opportunities or advantages in your field when applying for a job after high school. It gives students a sense of freedom being that they can do it on their own without any help from a parent. So which is the right answer? How do we as a whole decide what the right answer is? Well we can’t necessarily make that decision. There are millions of reasons why people get jobs and millions of reasons why they don’t. The truth is that none of them are right or wrong. Each individual possesses the right to make that decision for themselves.


Whether you do decide to work during high school is definitely your choice. However it may not always be the best choice. Each individual is going through something, they have a life that they have to live. The world doesn’t always do things that we like, but we just have to figure it out. Some of us have a lot on our plate. Sometimes this is a lot in itself without the added stress of a job. This article was written not to persuade you one way or the other but as kind of a reminder to ask yourself how much can I handle? How much pressure can I take?

Teenage Relationships vs. Social Media

by Mackenzie Gardener
Staff Reporter

“We can talk to someone who lives across the world in a matter of seconds, which is amazing,” says Sara Atkin, whom is a resident of West Haven, has a bachelors in psychology, and volunteered at social services. “We can see different societies, we can see videos and connect with people that we would have never been able to connect with and see places that we would have never been able to see, so I think there’s a lot of good things that come with all this technology and social media, but it brings negative aspects too.” Atkin explains the good and bad about technology and its effects on human relations. Teenage relationships now, are based a lot on technology. Many teenagers will mainly socialize through only technology. They can “DM” on Instagram, or send a snap on Snapchat, or text the living daylights out of them, etc.

The brain may get used to this kind of socializing, which can ruin teens’ real life social skills, which teenagers need to have as they go about daily life. Atkin talked about how it may affect the brain and the teenagers themselves. “I think socially interacting in person is a huge skill that people need to have,” says Atkin. “I think our society more and more is going to use texts and social media, and you can see, like even at restaurants, people don’t go to restaurants or buy things at the store, they order it online and have it delivered at the door so they don’t have to see anyone. I think you can see in our society right now how that’s having an effect on people. I think there’s more anxiety and depression.” For a fact, since society has kept coming out with more technology, more and more people have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression. They don’t go out and do things anymore. The human race becomes more and more dependent on cell phones. As more and more people become dependent on cellular devices, the more our world is changing.

As teenagers have been more dependent on social media and any other means of communication through cellular devices, they have kind of created this concept of a “social rating scale” of some sort. The more followers or likes people have is supposed to mean they might be better than someone else or something. This is a modern concept a lot of teenagers might have. The plain old, simple truth is though, that is just through the radio waves going around connecting everyone through devices. “I think it’s kind of ridiculous because I think you can have a lot of followers, but if you don’t have personal relationships with more than half of those people, you’re getting a false sense of security and a false sense of confidence of having friends,” says Atkin. Teenagers start to get an unrealistic imaginative world of friendship the more and more they only associate with others through their phones. “ I think, this is kind of silly, but something that just popped in my head is that One Republic song, Connection, saying there’s so many people around, I have all these friends, why do I not feel connected to anyone?”, says Atkin. Some of the big celebrities, musicians and speakers are seeing this problem run through our society. The ability to feel closely connected to a person, is one of the greatest feelings ever. The problem is though, that everyone is too busy looking down at their phones, that they don’t get to have that chance to connect with other people. To talk with one another, to laugh, to smile, to delegate, etc. Those happy shining moments we are losing more and more often.

When the modern world of 2019 is compared to the 1990’s, many can see their has been an immense amount of change through how relationships are made and how people communicate with one another.  Atkin shared a lot of how it was when she grew up. Atkin grew up without every using a cell phone or social media. Compared to now, her generation would communicate differently. “We did send notes, I was a very good note taker and folder-upper. But you still had to pass it to somebody or write a letter. I think all of those things have a little more personal personality to them.”, says Atkin. “We had so much fun without it, and I see all these kids who go to parties and dances and they’re on their phones and I’m like uhhhh if only you knew how much fun you could be having if you put that away, because we did all sorts of crazy stuff. You get bored, you come up with a solution of how to have fun with each other.” Atkin talked about how individuals can be able to start this new trend, so-to-speak. Atkin also described how millenials don’t get enough time to be bored, and how that’s when you get the best ideas, it’s all about that clearance of the mind. Teenagers have the ability and power to be able to start talking in real life, and gaining those real relationships again. This is how teenagers can start this real concept of reality, it all starts with the millenials.


Roy High football players prepare for next season

by Haylee Mitchell
Staff Reporter

Roy High’s Football team of 2018-2019 has come a long way, and both coaches and players contributed more drive than previous football seasons. This drive is both technical and mental. For example the team has done conditioning to the max, and not the mention all of the film that they have watched. Although they watched less film, this year they took what they were watching seriously. Jaxson Dart, Quarterback, said “I read the defenses better this year, even though we spent less time in the film room.” Film is one effective form of study in football, but what matters the most is what you learn on the field.

Nine football players from Roy High concluded together that conditioning was tougher this year. Conditioning increased in volumes as they did it from twice a week last year, to just about everyday of the week this year. “I think that the coaches just saw that we were a better team this year,” Dart says.

Conditioning was a huge factor to the region champion team along with the mental change all football players had this year. On the field of Roy High we look at our sizes compared to other schools. Although we didn’t make it as far as state championships we made it much further than last year’s team. Seeing improvements from last year to this year is a positive thing for the next team of Roy High.

“Stay in the weight room and committed” Adrian Arellano, running back/full back, of Roy High commented. “It just feels like attitudes are better around this year.” Arellano concluded. Mcquade Andrade, our defensive back, says “I took everyday like a new day, and focused on what I have to do.” He spoke with a smile on his face: “trust your preparation.” Looking at the 2017-2018 team of last year, you see improvements on things as simple as their execution of the game play.  Coach Salamona also included “Embrace hard work, because it’s really instilled here and Roy. Once you graduate, once you leave, when you look back, you start to look back and think, ‘Okay, how did my high school career look?’ And a lot of this is hard work, and what you put in is what you get out.” Attitude was a huge contributor to this year’s team, some believe that the football team just wanted to go further this year, and some believe that it may be something as simple as the age this year.

Dionte Davis makes a successful catch at Rice-Eccles Stadium. Photo by Gordon Doxey

Our varsity team seems to be filled with seniors this year, all but a couple such as our quarterback Jackson Dart, running back Cade Harris, and linebacker Jaden Harris. Salamona stated “We have strong senior group this year, a lot more contribution with their play.” he also added “I think we have more senior leadership stand up on the off season, they influence everything that goes on with our younger group.” 5 seniors on the 2018-2019 team have all said that this year’s team seems more brotherly. Last year’s team was filled with juniors, sophomores and little to no seniors. The seniors of the group this year took the reins and showed our younger group what it meant to be apart of the Roy High football team.

Roy High varsity football players have gave the quote of “good” as something they told themselves before each game. For every negative thought they gave themselves 3 positive statements. Even during the game against Skyridge, multiple boys kept their head held high and kept looking toward the future, what they could be doing, rather than what they were doing wrong. Like Andrade says, “focus on what I have to do… Trust your preparation.”