Roy High student travels to Australia to perform in choir

Roy High student travels to Australia to perform in choir


by Hayden Smith
Assistant Editor

Imagine getting an important letter in the mail, no not your Hogwarts letter, but a letter inviting you to sing with a 250 person choir at Sydney Opera House in Australia. Hearing 2500+ people cheering in one of the most iconic concert halls in the world. Simply standing in one of the most iconic concert halls in the world and let alone hearing 2500 plus attendees cheering for you is a truly once in a lifetime experience. Especially for a 16 year old Junior at Roy High School.

Landon Herrin, a student at Roy High, has received the honor of performing at not only one, but two of the most iconic concert halls in the world. Herrin first started choir at Rocky Mountain Junior High under the instruction of Mr. Thomas Saunders; an extremely notable choir teacher. “I’m not exactly sure how it all happened,” said Herrin, “I guess Saunders’ credibility contributed greatly.”

What Herrin lacks in experience, he makes up for in raw talent. And that talent is growing day by day by not only writing new songs, but also singing in the shower. Playing piano and continuing to learn how to play the guitar also contribute to his ability as a musician. For example, learning how to identify pitch and other sounds in music. “I’m not necessarily tone deaf, which definitely helps me hear and identify pitches better than others.”

In the summer of 2019, Herrin will be joining a 250 person choir to perform at the Sydney Opera House in Australia. Out of 25,000 nominations for the choir, only 250 secured a position. Young aspiring musicians from all over the world come together for this once in a lifetime experience. “It’s like piecing together one giant puzzle. Everyone plays their own part and everyone is equally important,” says Herrin.

While competition was fierce and paying for the trip was difficult, Landon felt as though he had an edge since he had toured with this company before in New York. The biggest issues that Herrin faced was the money and time commitment. “It’s six songs and you only have a small period of time to get the songs down.” With an immense amount of practice required and a hefty load of fees, it can be stressful. But with the support from family and friends in the community, Landon is confident in his ability to participate.

The company will be flying all participants that made the choir out to Australia. Even though the flight is 19 hours long, “We’ll be losing two days flight time. Since it’s over my birthday, the 29th is actually the 31st.” After a few short days of practice and sightseeing around Sydney, they perform, then fly back home. Herrin is extremely grateful for the part that music plays in his life. Accompanied with learning great values and discipline, music helps him in almost every way imaginable. “You just gotta learn what music is.”

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