Is Mario Kart The Move?

Is Mario Kart The Move?

Brewer Thompson

Staff Reporter

Recently a new game came out for phone users across the world, Mario Kart has been released for iPhone users everywhere. Nintendo released this app in late September and has already made a major profit from the app and has become one of the top free games on the app store. The app has around 15 maps implemented into the game every two weeks and after the two weeks are up, a whole new set of 15 maps are put in place of the old maps, along with these new maps, there is also a new theme every two weeks implemented into the game with the maps. 

Although, with all the new cosmetics being added you do have to pay for some, there is a gold pass in the game that is around $15 USD monthly. ”I stopped playing the game because I couldn’t play with friends.” Says Hayley Osborne; a Roy High Senior.

The game itself has a five-star rating on the app store with 734K reviews, majority of buyers that downloaded the game enjoy it giving it great reviews, whilst some dislike things about the game such as paying for the monthly gold pass or that there are only 15 maps for them to play every two weeks. When Nintendo released Super Mario Run for iPhones it got terrible reviews because you could only play three levels and you had to pay for the rest of the game.This did not go over easy for users who did not want to pay for a game monthly. “I would play again if I could play with friends.” Says Osborne.

Mario Kart is competing in the markets with another free game, Call of Duty Mobile, Both games have good five-star ratings and in app purchases, but Call of Duty offers more things to do in the app for free, while Mario Kart offers plenty to do with the free version, the paid version just gives you access to go faster and cosmetics, Call of Duty doesn’t make you pay for maps or to play certain modes like Mario Kart does. So far Mario Kart has earned $2.95 billion USD and is still rising in profits.

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