RHS Football: 2016 Season Recap

RHS Football: 2016 Season Recap

by Jacob Moyes

The Roy high Football team has had an up and down season this year. We started off with a blowout game against Murray, a win 47-6. There have been some good games and some close games and a Roy High Footballcouple games students don’t really want to talk about.

The Roy High Football team was doing very well before their loss against the NorthRidge Knights on Thursday 13th. That put us to 6-2. Before the loss we did have the number one spot in the Region and we only had to win against the Knights and Weber to take the Region Championship. With the win against Weber on Wednesday, October 19th we took the Region from Fremont.

Our first loss was to Corner Canyon and is a game that would rather be forgotten because of the depressing final score of 36-6. We did manage to redeem ourselves the next week though with a win against Clearfield which was a really good game with Roy winning by 22 points with a final score of 31-9. The next week we played one of the most important games of the season. Fremont. We answered Fremont’s trash-talking by winning the game on Friday September 16th. It was a very close game and we only won by 7 but the win meant even more because it was our Homecoming game.

The next game was against Mountain Crest and there isn’t much to say about this game except it was a blowout and a shutout with us winning 30-0. The game against Sky View was another important game with them being about to take the Region. We did manage to pull off the win by only 6 points with the final score 27-21. Then we get to the next loss of the season, which was to the Knights. We lost by 6 points but those were possibly the most important 6 points of our season. The loss on Thursday the 13th meant we might not be able to take the Region Championship. Because of the win on Wednesday, October 19th, they took Region Champions and have home field advantage for all the playoff games.

Our seasons came to a pretty quick end during the playoffs with our third loss this season to the American Fork Cavemen on Saturday October 29th with a final score of 38-24. This came as a huge disappointment to all the students and especially the football players at Roy High. Let’s go get state next year, Roy.

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