RHS students can be rewarded for academics

RHS students can be rewarded for academics

by Miguel Hansen

Roy High School, a school that loves to celebrate the academic success that their students have. Theyoffer a lot of different rewards to do this. At RHS you have the opportunity to letter in classes, like math, social studies, english, and a lot more. This gives kids who don’t exactly have that physical ability to play sports at a high level the chance to still letter for their school. If a student is interested in lettering in a class, all they have to do is go to a teacher in that certain subject and ask what the requirements for that letter is. Most teachers are willing to work with their students to get the letter as long as they see that you actually want it and put in effort into getting it.

Another thing thatAwards - M Hansen RHS gives out are special pins that only certain people can get. Some of the pins are the RHS pin. There are multiple ways to obtain this pin. The ways are, having three terms of having a 3.8 GPA in the same school year, being a Royal of the Month recipient, get sterling scholars, or getting 2nd or 3rd place in a school sanctioned state or national competition. The most prestigious pin that the school offers is the big “R” Pin. You can only get this pin by getting 1st place in a school sanctioned event.

Getting an award in this school is very prestigious. Awards are not the hardest things in the world to get but they just aren’t handed out like candy. Only people deserving of the award will get it. When Victor Silva, a recipient of the Royal of the Month, was asked about the feeling he got when not only getting Royal of the Month, but also receiving the RHS pin, he responded with, “It was a great feeling having all my hard work I put towards school get payed off. And also knowing that the school acknowledged me out of all the other students just felt nice.”


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