Dress for Success

by Averyanne Lebow

Roy High is known everywhere for having a reputation. Being a Roy High student myself it’s hard to hear these things but people look down on us. Roy High has the most school spirit and rowdiest student body, so I’ve come to wonder why do others dislike Roy High? The conclusion that came to mind was that we are not presentable.

Uniforms are the way to success as uniforms makes a school look sophisticated and creates a professional environment. Not only do uniforms make students presentable but they are also equalizers. Students become victims to peer pressure and bullying because they are not wearing the latest trends. On top of that, by wearing school uniforms it demolishes two of Roy High’s biggest problems: dress code violations and not wearing a visible ID card.

I hate walking down the halls and seeing girls wearing inappropriate outfits. Dress code violations are a daily occurrence at Roy. The only possible solution to make others recognize Roy High and its true potential is by wearing uniforms.

If Roy transferred to uniforms it would reduce many problems such as bullying, peer pressure and attendance loss. Students are normally late to school because they spend so much time in the morning getting ready. Personally, I spend at least 30 minutes picking an outfit. If Roy chose to change to uniforms the attendance percentage would go up and the bullying would go down. Millions of children stay home from school because they are scared of being judged for what they are wearing.

By wearing uniforms it would also get rid of the recent problem Roy High has had. As many are aware, Roy recently had a student threaten the school and the students. Consequently, Administration decided to enforce the policy of a visible ID card. However, by doing this, it upset the students and they refused to wear them. The answer to stop the student and teacher argument is to officially get rid of ID cards and switch to uniforms instead. By wearing school uniforms, teacher would easily be able to tell who Roy High students are and who are strangers. In short, uniforms could be much safer for students and teachers.

However there are some bridges that will need to be crossed. Some students don’t want to wear uniforms because they don’t want to look the same as everyone else. That’s understandable but what they need to realize is that even wearing uniforms they still can be unique. Not everyone is going to wear their hair the same way or wear the same jewelry. You will still be you and others will still be them.

Uniforms are the best option for a successful school. Start the change now and think about what’s best for the school community. Consider all the money, time and arguments that is being consumed from Roy High. Uniforms are the best way for success.

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