Food for Thought

chickenby Armando Ruiz

Food: the sustenance and livelihood for everyone on this planet. We need it to survive and it is very dear to us. It comes in a vast amount of shapes, sizes and colors. Food is all around us; it looks good, it smells good, but the most essential of all, it tastes good. Our taste buds are awakened from a sleep when something vibrant and satisfying is put into our mouth. Who knew something so simple, like the sight and pleasing aromas of bread, could make us so happy?

Where we buy our food, how it’s prepared, and how it’s eaten is all a part of our lives. It unites us and yet divides us. But what has changed in foods that now requires all of us to worry about fats, calories, saturated fats, unsaturated fats, and most significant, our diet? Over the years the government and their non-existent money have changed the way food is grown, made, sold, and processed. And for what? More money? But you may be wondering why have they changed the food and why they haven’t let you know why?

For example, we all know what farmers do. They grow food for the community as well as for themselves and their food is then distributed all around the world for everyone’s benefit. In Carthage, Mississippi a food administration known as Monsanto, which had control of all food production, wanted two old-time farmers to plant a soybean that had been genetically modified to grow faster, but up to 75% of the nutrients had been taken out. What did the farmers do? They disagreed to plant this altered bean in their farmland. What happened to them? Monsanto sued the farmers, taking them to court several times till the farmers eventually ran out of money and could no longer afford the overwhelming amount of bills. The Monsanto Company got their way and forced the now broke farmers to plant this modified seed. Companies like Monsanto all around the world are controlled by the government and are forcing farmers and food associations like Tyson foods, Smithfield Foods and Perdue Farms to plant what the government says to plant. Modified plants that grow exceedingly faster than regular natural grown plants may seem harmless, but these plants have caused an increase in tumors, cancer and even Down Syndrome. And all for what? More money. This vile product is being put into the food that you, and I, eat today.

Some more food for thought is how many of the animals that eat these wretched products are being affected in many different ways as well. Chickens are being stuffed into hens and are being fed 24/7 so that they can grow faster and fatter, causing them to over eat and in a sense be morbidly obese. It stresses the chickens, causing the meat to be ruined. This food is being fed to everyone all around the world, including me and you.

Denouement, knowing what is in our food, is important because over the many years food has changed, causing new diseases to arise and many deformities in newborn infants. There’s a new statistic that you may have heard about where one of every three kids in America born in the 2000’s will develop diabetes and up to 44 million Americans have been recognized as being obese. If our current trends continue to be the same, than this number will grow. So it’s time to open our eyes and awaken to the new age of living.

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