Tips to Learning a Language

by Averyanne Lebow


Learning a new language can be stressful and, at times, giving up seems like the best option. Learning to speak a new language is awkward because it sounds like a baby trying to pronounce words unknown to them. However there are ten tricks or tips for learning any language.

#1) Know why you’re Doing It:

When learning you need to be motivated or else it is pointless. People tend to lose interest and become distracted with other things in the long run. You will never learn unless there is something you are trying to achieve. There always needs to be ‘somewhere’ you are trying to reach.

#2) Find Someone to Practice With:

It’s best to find someone who speaks the language you are trying to learn; it is even better when that someone speaks the language perfectly. This is important because you will get that hands on learning that is much needed. It also makes it more fun because you are learning the language with someone. Studying with someone makes learning a lot more enjoyable.

#3) Talk to Yourself:

When you are alone start using the information you know. The best thing to do is take sticky notes and put them on the objects you are learning. Then when you see that object, say it out loud in the language you are trying to learn.

#4) Keep it Easy at First:

When you first start learning a new language don’t expect to be perfect. It will be hard pronouncing new words and conjugating them. Don’t practice for insane amounts of time, keep it simple and limit yourself to about 30 minutes to an hour.

#5) Have Fun With It:

Learning a foreign language is supposed to be exciting, new and fun; don’t make everything so serious. Have fun and start to use it around your family and friends, try to get them to figure out what you’re saying. Have a blast with what amazing thing you are trying to achieve.

#6) Act like a Child:

Starting a new language is difficult, it won’t be a walk in the park. Take baby steps when studying. You have to start from zero and go ground up. When learning, start with the easy things like the alphabet, numbers, or family roles. Doing the little things are what are the most important things to your success.

#7) Leave your Comfort Zone:

Once you are able to form sentences and the structure of the new language start to use them. When coming across someone you speaks the language you are learning, use what you have learned and have a conversation with them. Put yourself out there, try and use what you have learned every second you can. Start challenging yourself like only being able to speak the new language whenever you talk for an hour and increase the time slowly.

#8) Watch Native Speakers:

The internet is a great and valuable resource when learning a language. Get on websites and search new words you are interested in knowing. Even get onto websites such as YouTube and watch clips of people speaking the language you are learning. Expose yourself to their language.

#9) Practice Daily:

If you want to learn a new language you need to be willing to practice every day; skipping out on one day could be critical. The further you improve your skills, the more you need to increase your study time. Start at 30 minutes a day and increase it as time goes on.

#10) Never Give Up:

When learning a new language, realize that it will take time. Things like this don’t come overnight. Be patient and study as hard work will pay off. Learning a foreign language is a great experience and learning someone else’s way of communication make you closer to the people around you.

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