College Week

by Alyssa Tebbs

For three years now at Roy High School, seniors have been able to participate in college week where they are educated on what is required to get into their desired school and education program. This occurred during November but once again brought up the question of whether it really helps students and makes a difference.

According to Step Up Utah, more than 90% of middle-school students say they plan to go to college. Yet, only about two-thirds of students actually participate when the time comes to apply. A main focus is placed on students who would be the first in their families to attend college, low-income students, or students who may not have otherwise considered applying for post high school education.

“About two-thirds of all jobs in Utah require at least one year of post-secondary school education,” said Weber State University’s President, Chuck Wight, who was the featured speaker for the 2015 College Application Week assemblies. “For this reason, it is important for Weber State University, Ogden School District and Ogden-Weber Tech College to align with each other to support students’ educational dreams.”

The goal throughout college week is to educate you on tests you need to take, to teach you how to apply and give you the opportunity to do so. College representatives even come from all around the state to help you and persuade you to apply and go to their college. Teachers all through the week are supposed to share their college experiences to help shed a little bit of light to the seniors. Roy High School have set up activities, such as teacher-bingo, and even had an assembly to help assist the seniors and hopefully inspire those to expand their education past graduation.

Information from showed that between Ben Lomond, George Washington and Ogden High Schools, 831 seniors participated in College Week in 2014. Of those 831 students, 91 percent stated that because of UCAW they were more likely to seek help with college applications and 92 percent improved their understanding by going through the UCAW process.

Although some students give college week a hard time and a bed rep, most believe that college week was a lot more helpful than what others give off. Senior Darian Flanagan says, “They helped me apply and fill out applications” while adding that “honestly I don’t think I would have if it wasn’t for college week.”

Surprisingly, I got a lot of similar responses from others. Jayda Rochell explained how ”Them (Counselors) coming actually helped me to apply instead of procrastinating it.” Alondra Contreras agreed and added, “They give a lot of good advice and tell you what you are in for, they explain the dos and don’ts and what to expect.”

The numbers of schools participating in college week is growing and so is the percentage of high school students expanding their education past their high school diploma. College week can give you some helpful pointers, so juniors, don’t miss it next year.

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