Crazy Colored Hair

by Jayda Rochell

Let’s get colorful shall we? I love dying my hair different and using crazy colors. I find dying hair as a way of art, showing your personality and expressing yourself.

Yes, sometimes dying your hair can go wrong, but that’s why you should go to a professional because they are trained on how to dye hair. If you feel brave enough, go ahead and do it at home. Just know it doesn’t always turn out the same if you do it yourself.

There are different types of hair dye so I will go ahead and share with you what they are and explain them a little bit.

Temporary color: Temporary colors are more severe and bold compared to most permanent colors. Temporary colors are where you get bright colors such as pink, bright purple, bright blue, green, bright red, etc. Temporary hair colors wash out after a few weeks. Now if you bleach your hair it may turn out to be brighter and end up being slightly more permanent. Hair dye will fade colors before leaving your hair.

Semi-permanent color: Semi-permanent dyes contain smaller particles than temporary color. Your hair takes it in much easier thanks to this, though the chemicals may not last much longer than temporary color. If you have gray hair, it may soak it up better than other hair colors.

Demi-permanent color: Demi-permanent colors have low chemicals that can lift the base color of your hair about one shade. The purpose of the demi-permanent hair is not to lighten the hair but to make it more porous so it can absorb the color. They cover grey fairly well but it washes out in a few months.

Permanent color: Permanent color can have a lot more chemicals. Yes, the color will fade over time but overall it’s permanent. The high levels of chemicals will lift the base color quite a bit. The color of the hair is then supplemented by whatever color you choose.

Bleach: Hair bleach is highly concentrated peroxide, which is a chemical that makes your hair lighter. Bleach is used mainly in darker colored hair to go lighter for the color to stick and soak better. Then you can apply the crazy fun colors you want. This helps lighten the color you put in your hair and also makes it more vibrant.

Bryan Ford, a junior, stated that “I think dying your hair is an interesting style choice and not very well accepted by society, but it shows that you’re not afraid to be different.”

I agree and think different colored hair expresses your personality. It shows that you have character and that you’re not just some boring, plain person. If you’re willing to dye your hair bright purple it shows that you are not afraid to stand out and be your own person. It shows that you don’t like to conform but that you like to be you. Be different, it’s OK.  

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