ISIS Reign of Terror

by Shawn Hellier

What is ISIS and are they a threat? First you need to know who they are. The definition of ISIS stands for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. They came about when they seized a chunk of land stretching from northern Syria to central Iraq which gave them the power they needed to invade other countries. This article will tell you who they are and where they came from.

ISIS is an Islamic group of rebels who were allies with al-Qaeda. Both were, and are, anti-Western militant groups devoted to establishing an Independent Islamic state. But ISIS, unlike al-Qaeda, has proven more brutal and more effective at controlling land it has seized. ISIS strikes fear into the heart of enemy leaders around the world.

ISIS’s main purpose is to overthrow the existing governments of unstable, heavy Muslim nations and establish their own theoretical state. When al-Qaeda fell in 2014, they merged with ISIS and al-Baghdadi (the leader of ISIS) claiming the vaunted title of caliph. The original vision of the caliph was that the leader would be the interior of the Prophet Muhammad’s legacy in two ways. The first is that the leader would govern the Islamic state. Second, the leader would accept responsibility over all Muslims worldwide.

Asserting oneself as a caliph is a major and controversial path, and most Muslims won’t submit to al-Baghdadi’s brutal interpretation of Islam. The attitude of ISIS toward these non-believers is simple. Join us or perish as vermin. A great example of this is on June 11th 2014 when they executed over two hundred Muslims because they would not support al-Baghdadi’s political campaign.

To call ISIS a state wouldn’t be correct for they are more than just a band of rebels. ISIS has formed proper governmental structure on the land they have seized. Moreover, they have formed financial and legislative bodies, as well as cabinets. Caliph is the highest position to be in if you are a part of ISIS.

One may ask “where is ISIS getting their funds?” Oil smuggling is where a huge amount comes from. In 2006 they took in an estimated $70 Million dollars from oil. This number has since increased to one million every day making ISIS the richest country in the world.

I feel as if the U.S. has made ISIS a low priority. However, if the bloodshed continues then they will be able to invade or declare war on the United States. ISIS is a very dangerous threat that the U.S. government, in my opinion, is ignoring. If we keep on turning a blind eye to ISIS, we as a nation could fall. We need to make this a top priority as they are more dangerous and brutal than al-Qaeda will ever be.

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ISIS Al-Qaeda Militants Fighting Syrian Civil War

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