Sports H15tory

Sports H15tory

by Broderick Sherwood

The class of 2015 graduated on Wednesday May, 20. The day we thought would never come finally arrived . All of the hype of getting a piece of paper that shows your 12 years of work that could lead to your potential future is just around the corner. This year has been one to remember so lets recap.

We had the first day of school everyone already complaining about how terrible the year was going to be. Followed by the beginning of the unforgettable football season the Royals had making history and bringing a whole community together. All the rowdy Royals of Roy High to come out every Friday and help the Royals get a win it was a strong 12th man and definitely helped the Royals get some wins.

Then came basketball season and let’s just say everyone was a little worn out from the football season for basketball to start. The Royals had another good season going to the playoffs for the third year in a row. Going to Weber State somewhat sparked the Rowdy Royals in once again becoming the student section they are known for.

Next chapter of the year in sports was the baseball, softball, track and field and soccer seasons. Baseball and softball ended the year at least making it to the playoffs and softball still going on. Baseball came up short in losing to Woods Cross 11-1 and losing to Orem 8-6 thus ending the season.

This graduating class certainly made H15tory.

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